Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time To Fix Cuts

The lack of oxygen up here is amazing. We were reading a Mountaineering Medicine book and it referenced close to 1/2 the amount of oxygen here, relative to Sea Level.

Given that lack of oxygen, its amazing what happens, and what doesn't happen. One example of what doesn't happen is that cuts don't heal quickly.

On Day One at Base Camp, I was moving rocks, getting Lhakpa's tent platform together. While grabbing one particular rock, I knocked my index finger onto an adjacent one, pulling off a few layers of skin and drawing blood in the process. That was on April 7th.

Slapping on Neosporin day after day, this is what the cut still looks like:

Finally subsiding, I was all happy to have that cut behind me. Reason being that no one wants to have to deal with cuts and bruises in their daily hygiene. So then this morning, while dealing with the rapidly expanding Lake District by my tent, G-Man and I were moving rocks again, creating a channel to drain water. -Poof- rapped another knuckle on a rock. Start the Neosporin process all over again.

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