Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lemon Tea

All along the trek, we stopped at hotel after hotel. The days were sometimes long, the treks definitely exhausting. When we'd stop, the rest houses were rarely heated and as we climbed higher, our lack of acclimatization made it chilly.

So, we'd always be reaching for hot drinks. Mmmmm. Hot drinks. So warm. What would our options be? Tea, coffee, and... tea. So we'd really spice it up. Let's live on the edge and go for the Lemon Tea, shall we?

Options: Lemon Tea in cup, small pot, medium pot, and large pot. The large pot is typically so large that you can swim in it, truth be told. Yet we'd always grab that because we were so limited in choices and because to acclimatize faster we'd always be hydrating.

Lemon Tea. At least there's Vitamin C in it, basically the secret ingredients are: Water (hot), tea bags (2), Lemon Tang. That's it. If I never have Lemon Tea again it'll be too long. This stuff was seeping out of our pores by the time we hit Base Camp. Here we come, staggering in one step slowly after another. We hit that last infernal hill that completely winds you and makes you cry right before our site. We come in, close to 1/4 mph gasping for air. We plop down into chairs, ready to try and get our heart rate back down to 140 beats-per-minute from what it currently is, closer to a Hummingbird.

Here comes G-Man, with a now-familiar pot and cups for us weary travelers as the Sherpas look on with amusement. Oh... no... not... Lemon Tea. G-Man pops the top cork. And pours... Grape! Hot Grape Tang! He's now our hero. I wonder if he knows that.

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Caché said...

With the lack of posts and then seeing this story today:

I thought this might have been you. great to see you're still doing well! Hope to see you soon.