Friday, April 18, 2008

Francisco Arredondo

Francisco Arredondo
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Francisco graduated from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut and received an MBA from SHU Luxemburg. After that, he returned to Guatemala where he has been the CEO of Carnes Processadas S.A. since 2001- a food production and distribution company that has operations in Central America. Most of his adventure days have been on a motorcycle, which is a sport that he has competed in his entire life. Some examples of his All-Terrain Rally Endurance Motorcycle Racing are: Paris to Dakkar Race (four times, completing twice), Baja 1000 (four times), and The World Championship for several years- held in places like Dubai, Argentina, and other deserts of the world. Francisco is the only Central American to complete any of these races.

In 2006, Francisco’s sister and brother-in-law trekked to Everest Base Camp. When they returned, they relayed their stories to Francisco and sparked an interest in the mountain. One day, thinking that Mt. Everest is one of the world's greatest adventures and a great challenge as well, Francisco set out to tackle this newest goal. From that point forward, Francisco has climbed in Central and South America as well as Utah to prepare for the Himalayas. With the help of the team, Francisco looks to accomplish his goal and continue with new adventures.


Miguel said...

Animo Franny... Siempre para arríba. Te deseamos muchos éxitos

Miguel Flores

Ramiro said...

Your Spanish friends are whith you.
Lets go
Fonseca Martos family

Hans said...


Congratulations to You for reaching another of Your goals!
Can´t go much higher than on top of the world , ehh?


/ Tommys cousine (Tommys kusin) proud supporter to Team Scandinavia and Farmerlips. (First I will spread the word to PG Lundmark and then I will´go out and throw a snowboll to celibtate Your succe´s i those mountains. Now, stay healthy and get in shape for Your next adventure: Transoriental 2008 ...

onehotamale said...

You told me you would climb Everest one day...and you did! Love you...Viviane from California.