Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Joe Bonner

Joe Bonner
Tacoma, Washington

Early in his career, Joe spent many years working in Saudi Arabia and Ghana, enjoying the challenges of working in third world countries and the chance to meet and live with different cultures. Years later, living in Washington State, Joe took several climbing courses with the Tacoma Mountaineers, a local organization promoting outdoor activities. With several friends, he soon expanded his climbing activities outside Washington into Alaska and Africa. After reading Dick Bass's book "The Seven Summits" in which two friends attempt to climb the highest mountain in every continent, Joe decided the seven summit goal was an excellent way to combine seeing remote parts of the world with climbing. To date, Joe as climbed six of the "seven" summits, with only Everest and Carstensz Pyramid remaining. (There is still debate as to which mountain is the highest in Oceania, Kosciusko in Australia or Carstensz in New Guinea, so most people climb both!)

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