Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Overall Trip Sked

Dad and I have been talking, and as cool as it sounds, he's going to meet me back in Kathmandu when I come back down from Lukla! Dad kicks off his trip in DC and flys to Nepal via Frankfurt and a side trip to New Delhi where he plans to spend several days running around unique places like Agra and the Taj Mahal. He then makes his way to Kathmandu, flying direct from Delhi->KTM arriving a few days before I return from my trip. Fortunately for this portion of the trip my cousin Bev and her family (who spend about half the year in Mumbai) are going to track this leg and make sure that he's taken care of. From there, he flies to KTM and will be met by one of my old buddy/ tour guide/ Nepal native named Henny who will meet dad at the airport and then take him around for a few days until we meet up.

That being said, here's my schedule, which is firming up daily:

16 March: Depart Seattle-> Arrive Shanghai 17th
19 March: 2 day side trip to Beijing
22 March: Depart Shanghai-> Arrive Bangkok
25 March: Depart Bangkok -> Arrive Kathmandu
27 March: Depart Kathmandu -> Arrive Lukla
29 May: Depart Lukla -> Arrive Kathmandu, meet up with Dad
31 May: Depart Kathmandu -> Arrive Royal Chitwan National Park
31 May->6 June: Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge elephant safari looking for Bengali Tiger
6 June: Depart Royal Chitwan National Park -> Arrive Kathmandu
7 June: Depart Kathmandu -> Arrive Bangkok
10 June: Depart Bangkok -> Arrive Singapore
13 June: Depart Singapore -> Arrive Tokyo
17 June: Depart Tokyo -> Arrive Seattle

From what I understand, this will be Dad's first time in Nepal, Thailand, and Singapore. We have a fun-filled schedule jam-packed with world-class Singapore Zoo time, exotic temples, unique foods, historic destinations, and endangered species. Watch out for that leech, but go out of our way to see Bahn Jim Thompson. I'm almost looking forward to the second half of the trip as much as the first half..

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