Sunday, November 6, 2011

Decision Point

Interestingly, we do in-fact have Internet way out here in the middle of the route. Its so amazing how different things are from 2008, we rolled in to Pheriche, a pioneer village of sorts that is perched at 14,000' and arrived at our hotel at a respectable 2pm today. The hotel here is definitely the best of any we have stayed at, and its relatively new.. Don't even think it was here when we cruised through last time. The trek here was uneventful in itself, a gradual 1,800' climb above the treeline and into much more of a rock-strewn dust path. The wind has definitely picked up and with a sun continuously shrouded by high clouds it is definitely biting.

So I have definitely reached a decision point, and had to outline options just to make sense of it myself. Flights today continue to be spotty into/ out of Lukla and I'm still not linked up with Tshering. Latest word is that he will meet me in Pheriche tomorrow, but that is too late for both an Island Peak & Amadablam excursion. In a nutshell, there just plain aren't enough days to cover the distance and altitude. Its one or the other, and I'm going to make that decision once he arrives and can provide me with some route Intel. Ama is the clear favorite, but I want to hold till then and make a call. Till then though, we are holed up here and relaxing.

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