Monday, November 7, 2011

Amadablam Bound

Tshering arrived yesterday as the fading light of day came past Pheriche, and we had a chance to discuss the plan from here. Essentially, he and the porters moved from Namche to Pheriche in one day- quite a haul. All our gear was still enroute to Island Peak, so he sent a runner off to chase that down and ensure it was redirected to Amadablam Base Camp, as we are out of time for a two mountain climb. This is fine.. The focus is now entirely on Amadablam and today's trip sets out from Pheriche, straight back down the mountain to connect up with Ama base camp trail. We will see a Lama on the way, getting blessed on our journey before the 2,000' push into Base Camp. Tomorrow will be a rest day- then we begin the climb in a series of altitude runs to finally summit in a few days and then launch back down the hill to Lukla and a flight out.

We had a fun day yesterday. After a late morning, the team sat tight and played rummy for a few hours while the morning katebatics played havoc on weary trekkers and passers-by. Finally around 11, the sky was crystal clear. The air crisp and fresh, albeit thin. We headed up, up, up roughly 600' to a pass that leads to Dingboche, a town on the other side of the pass and gateway to Island Peak. On this spine in 2008, I actually went for a jog, and after an altitude run to 15,000' did exactly that again. There are a series of prayer flags and stupas that connect the ridge, so I ran along the ridge before descending down to the town for lunch. We enjoyed a leisurely meal before heading back to while away the afternoon in the Himalayan Hotel common area in style.

No idea of a signal at Ama base camp but will try. Its mind blowing to me that Im even in range here, a two day trek from Everest when just 3 years ago I had to use a satellite receiver to connect with the world. Bonkers crazy.

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