Friday, March 20, 2009

Fuji-bound for shot #3

Well, i'ts time to start looking at another Fuji climb.

Our team departs this Saturday on UA #875 from Seattle and bound for Tokyo, where we will spend a day preparing and double checking gear, getting everything together and then heading out. Our goal is to depart for the mountain on Tuesday, positoning ourselves high enough that we can make a summit shot on the 12,776' mountain on Wednesday.

The two causes for our team to focus on as follows, and reflected in the below image taken from Fuji weather sites:

  • Moderate snowfall will leave ~6" of snow on the mountain before we arrive. There are strong wind gusts mixed in, so it is possible- and likely- that this snow will be either blown completely off the mountain by the time we arrive, or deposited in gullies that we will be avoiding.
  • Last years negative 47 degrees makes this years -22 seem downright balmy. This is an ever-shifting forecast in winds and temps, so the only thing we can predict at the moment is that it will be cold and windy.

Stay tuned...
Link to last year's Fuji trip report:

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