Friday, March 28, 2008

Territory Ahead

One unmistakable thing that I have realized through all of this mass of training and preparation is how incredibly lucky I am. All of this, and even my position here as I am poised to head out tomorrow into another great unknown is that every last piece of this expedition is in-fact only possible through the love and support of all of my friends and especially family. Those that love me, those that support me. Those that are there for me- often unquestionably through thick and thin. Deployments, dive trips to the far corners of the world, school challenges, work assignments and even falling out of tree houses when I was a kid. Through all that, it is absolutely clear that above and beyond anything else, I have been given a unique and absolutely special gift that many going on their day-to-day lives can't always say at the end of the day:

I have lived.

But not just in the ability to go and see and do things that others don't have the skills to do, or physical ability to do. That comes with hard work and dedication- the great hero in my life, my father taught me that. Not in the unconditional ability to support someone no matter how crazy, or whacked, or unique the idea happens to be. Make no doubt about it, I know a mother's love leaves her always concerned for her kids. But my mom has somehow managed to put those fears aside time and time again in order to show her support.. AND keep her youth (ok, a couple grey hairs but both my sister and I are equally responsible for that). She, along with my sister and so many of my friends have learned along the way that while I do press the envelope to go out afield and experience all the wonders this world offers, I personally feel that I've only seen a fraction of what I want to see and accomplished an equally small fraction of my goals. So in that respect, it's just as important to be safe and smart, which to me is in a way a Golden Rule of this sort of activity.

Tomorrow morning our team heads out for Lukla and our journey takes on yet another special chapter. And we must face whatever it may hold with determination, joy.. and bravery. In many ways, I can't help but feel that it's not just me that's going out on that trail, taking on this adventure with me- it's all of my friends and family that are there, along side, experiencing and supporting.

Anyway, so here we go. Thanks to this whole Nepal/China flap I don't know when I'll be able to send out another dispatch, but rest assured I'm going to do my best to get them out with regular consistency.

Life is a blessed, fleeting and unique miracle. Rise to it.

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Chouchou said...

Cung, remember that you have a Yel-low lucky charm with you always ...